No win no fee timeshare claims

If you’ve purchased a timeshare on a UK credit card in the last 10 years, Timeshare Help may be able to help you claim back the money you spent on it. We are specialists in helping people reclaim the money they spent on mis-sold timeshares so your claim will be in the best hands.

We could be able to present a no win no fee claim to your credit card company or finance provider on the basis that your timeshare was mis-sold to you. We could take your case to the bank under certain conditions provided in the consumer credit act meant to protect consumers from unscrupulous sales teams.

The timeshare industry has a bad reputation for a reason. A majority of sales representatives operating in timeshare have been known to mis-sell to consumers to force them into buying expensive weeks at resorts where they could just as easily get a cheap holiday to Tenerife online.

If you felt pressured into signing up to a timeshare contract, this could fall under the banner of mis-selling. The sales reps could possibly have told you that you would be benefiting from an offer available only that day or that you would be able to get cheap deals on flights if you signed up then.

A number of Timeshare Help clients have complained that although these things were promised to them during the sales pitch, they were not true. The so-called ‘offer’ was not a true offer – the timeshare could have been bought at that price at any time – and cheap flights never materialised.

If you were forced into paying a deposit immediately on signing the contract or within the first 14 days following that, you may have been mis-sold to. You are legally required to have and be told of a 14-day cooling off period – during which you are allowed to change your mind and cancel your contract without any questions. Deposits are not allowed to be taken during this time.

If you were told that you were buying an investment which would increase in value and this never happened, you may have been mis-sold to. If you were told that you would be able to take unlimited holidays at any time you wanted, you may have been mis-sold to.

All of these things are important for us here at Timeshare Help to present a no win no fee claim for redress. If we think you have a strong case, we will take it forward to your bank and our experienced team of legal professionals will stand a great chance of getting your money back.

We have won back huge amounts for clients in the past, which have changed some people’s lives. In fact, one of our clients was refunded £31,400 in cash, had £52,000 saved in maintenance contract fees and had £35,806 saved in finance, resulting in a total of £119,206.

If you’ve had a timeshare that was mis-sold to you, Timeshare Help is your best option. We may be able to claim back huge amounts of money for you on a no win no fee basis. Call us today for a free, no obligation discussion about your options.