Mr W, South Glamorgan

Our timeshare was bought from American firm Oasis Lakes Resorts, managed by Bluegreen Vacations. It is only because it was paid for on a UK credit card that we managed to get our maintenance contract terminated through Timeshare Help.

Oasis Lakes Resorts had sold us the timeshare on the provision that we pay a deposit. But legally, they are required to inform us that we benefit a 14-day cooling off period after signing and that a deposit can’t be taken during this time.

This was never explained to us and we paid for the deposit on our credit card. We’re very grateful that we did because it was explained to us by Timeshare Help that under a piece of legislation, we could get a refund on our credit card.

During the process of negotiating, we went on holiday. When we returned, Oasis Lakes Resorts had sent us the forms we needed to secure our maintenance contract termination. We were unsure of where to sign. It didn’t help that the Americans do thing very differently.

But Timeshare Help walked us through it, showing us exactly what to do and explaining that we should see a local solicitor to have it witnessed. The fee for this was covered by Timeshare Help.

Timeshare Help was even contacted by an American collections company, chasing the payment of old maintenance contract fees. They informed the collections company that they were negotiating our release from our lifetime maintenance contract and that they should speak to Oasis Lakes Resorts instead. They were the real party at fault, after all.

Timeshare Help managed to secure our maintenance contract termination and even paid the legal release fee to the timeshare firm on our behalf.

We are sorry we ever agreed to purchase a timeshare but we are very relieved that our credit card refund was negotiated by Timeshare Help. We couldn’t have done it all ourselves so we are truly grateful that they took our claim on.