Timeshare lies

During a timeshare sales pitch, you will likely be told a whole host of convincing ‘facts’ which you will soon realise were falsehoods.

Unfortunately, the timeshare industry is well known for its sales representatives not being very truthful. Honesty is something that is very rarely found in timeshare sales.

If you think you were lied to just to get you to sign a contract, Timeshare Help may be able to get your money back and your maintenance contract terminated.

Timeshare sales reps are encouraged to tell these lies in order to make as many sales as they can. It was common knowledge that when timeshare was a thriving industry, sales reps could earn up to £100,000 tax-free.

With fewer people thinking that timeshare is a worthwhile purchase, it is certainly in a sales rep’s best interest to be as convincing as possible.

It is just unfortunate for the buyer, however, that they often go about doing this by lying.

A common complaint shared by a number of Timeshare Help clients is that they can’t book the times they thought they would be able to. This is despite the fact that timeshare sales reps tell potential buyers that they will be able to book a holiday whenever they want at any resort in the world.

We have heard from hundreds of people who have said that this claim was one of the main reasons they agreed to buy a timeshare.

When they are left unable to even use what they have paid for, most owners become disillusioned with the idea of timeshare.

Another frequently told falsehood is that buying a timeshare is a good investment, that the owner can expect to get all their money back and maybe even make a profit when they sell it on. Sales reps are still known to tell people this, despite the fact that resale prices are as low as they could be. Many owners are giving their timeshares away for nothing, just to get rid of them.

Sales reps will also claim that owners will be able to exchange a week in a low season for one in the summer through the RCI exchange system. However, as Timeshare Help clients will attest to, it is almost impossible to secure any kind of exchange through RCI.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, it appears that the majority of timeshare sales reps are flouting EU and UK law by insisting on a deposit being taken immediately. Since you are entitled to a 14-day cooling off period, deposits are not to be taken during this time. That doesn’t stop most Timeshare Help clients being forced into paying a deposit on the day of purchase.

If you have been told any of the above and struggled to actually even use your timeshare or benefit from any of the upsides you were promised, contact Timeshare Help.

We may be able to claim your money back on a no win no fee basis and terminate your maintenance contract, which could save you more than £50,000 over your lifetime.