Timeshare competitions

If you have to attend a timeshare sales pitch after winning a holiday in a so-called ‘competition’, Timeshare Help would advise you to be very careful. You will need to keep your wits about you and try to avoid being conned into signing a timeshare contract that you can’t afford.

Although we can’t prevent you being convinced by flashy sales representatives and beautiful brochures, we could offer you help after you have returned and regret signing that timeshare contract.

If you enter a competition and then win a holiday to Tenerife or mainland Spain or Malta, you will likely be very pleased. Who wouldn’t?

But when the terms and conditions are fully explained, you find that you will have to attend a sales presentation for a timeshare or holiday club membership. Although this may not sound too bad initially, when you get there you find that you are being put under extreme pressure to sign up for that timeshare contract.

The sales reps are extremely aggressive. Sometimes there are muscle-bound ‘security’ in front of the doors, there to persuade you to stay locked inside.

It turns out to not be much of a prize when you are stuck in a hot room for hours upon hours with alcohol the only refreshment while sales reps talk at you endlessly. If you find that you sign up just to get them to stop hounding you, it may not be the end of you paying out.

There will be membership fees, annual maintenance contract fees (which you may end up paying in perpetuity, meaning forever), booking charges and further costs which will frequently not be explained to you at the point of sale.

These ‘competitions’ are just another way for clubs to con people into signing timeshare contracts. They are not intended to gain publicity – as most other competitions are – but simply to get people into their sales pitches to try to force their hand and make them spend their money.

If you decide that this was a huge mistake and that you cannot afford to keep making these payments, Timeshare Help may be the best option for you. We are the only reputable firm out there trying to really help people get out of lifetime maintenance contracts. We want to help you leave your timeshare nightmare behind you.

We have an expert team which could be able to offer you our maintenance contract termination service or our no win no fee claim service to try to get you back the money you paid into a bad timeshare ‘investment’.

We can do this by presenting a case of mis-selling to your club (when we terminate your maintenance contract) or to your credit card or approved finance provider (when we try to claim your money back).

Although each of our services are offered separately, we can offer you both. Everything we do depends on what you, as our client, want.

Contact Timeshare Help today to find out whether we can help you get out of the timeshare you never wanted.