Contacting a timeshare club

Unfortunately, timeshare clubs are only contactable when they want to be. If you want to speak to them about a problem you’re having with your timeshare experience, it may be an impossible task to find the right person to deal with your complaint.

If you want to cancel your timeshare within the cooling off period that you may or may not have been told about, you’ll find that it really is a difficult mission to find the right person to speak to.

And if you want to speak to someone about giving your timeshare back after a few years or simply terminating your timeshare contract, count yourself lucky if you get put through to anyone past reception without being told it is not possible.

The timeshare clubs have no problem in contacting you, however. We have heard this from countless Timeshare Help clients. Whether it is for late payments or a warning of an increase in maintenance contract fees, your club will likely be in touch fairly frequently.

They also have no problems in using social media to convince the wider world that they are good to their consumers. They post photographs of gorgeous pools and sunsets behind palm trees, emphasising how relaxing a holiday is.

The clubs have no problem in retweeting positive comments or addressing positive reviews. If you have a complaint, you will not be given the same courtesy.

If you have been told of the mandatory 14-day cooling off period, which EU and UK law both set out in consumer and specific timeshare directives, this is a rarity. Most Timeshare Help clients have never been made aware that they are entitled to this time to change their minds and hand back their purchase without having to pay a fee.

If you make the decision to cancel your timeshare purchase during this period, you may encounter problems in contacting the right person. You can easily get in touch with receptionists but often it seems that the person who sold you your timeshare has gone on holiday or is out of the office for a moment.

You are always assured that you will be called straight back. You never are. Then you find that the cooling off period has elapsed and you are now tied into a timeshare contract you never really wanted.

The same tactic is used to avoid postal timeshare cancellations. If you send a letter confirming that you want to cancel your timeshare purchase, timeshare clubs have been known to say they never received it.

This happens a lot more when the club offers a self-addressed envelope for sending cancellation documents during the sales pitch. There is no way of knowing that they arrived at the office of the club. Unless it is sent via recorded delivery, you will not know and the club could act as if it never received the cancellation confirmation.

If you have been convinced to sign a timeshare contract when you were unsure or if you have decided that your experience has not been what you thought it would be, contact Timeshare Help to find out if we can help get you out of your timeshare.