Scammed by timeshare twice

A shocking amount of people have been scammed into buying a second timeshare agreement from unscrupulous firms eager to prey on easy targets.

A significant amount of Timeshare Help clients have told us that they signed up for a timeshare contract after being pressured by aggressive sales reps. After realising that the claims made by the sales team were untrue – whether that be saying cheap flights will be available or that they would be able to book at any time – they decided to give their timeshare up. This was when they found that there was no way for them to do that.

Developers don’t want to take a deed back and lose the income of a lifetime maintenance contract so there are frequently clauses prohibiting a sell back option included in the terms and conditions of a timeshare contract. This leaves owners with the option of selling their timeshare to another owner or paying a third party to do it for them.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of companies offering to resell timeshares are scams. They pay search engines to get their websites at the top of the list to convince people that they are reputable. They then ask for upfront fees while promising that they will sell your timeshare to another buyer.

However, they almost always take the money and do nothing to facilitate a sale. It often turns out that a lot of these companies are simply running an expensive advertising scheme, where they will put a timeshare on their website but do nothing further to help it get sold.

And sadly, those are the lucky ones. Other victims of these companies have handed over thousands of pounds after being assured they would have their timeshare sold and their maintenance contract terminated. However, nothing was ever done for them and they received an invoice for their maintenance contract as normal from their timeshare resort.

Other owners have been told that they will have their timeshare taken off their hands on the basis that they buy a second one from another company. They second company makes their timeshare sound like everything the owner could have wanted from their first experience with it. But when it comes down to it, the owner has bought a timeshare with the same problems as the first one.

To make things even worse, the first timeshare has not been sold to the new company and the owner is still expected to pay for the maintenance contract on both timeshares.

If you have been scammed into buying a second timeshare contract or handing your timeshare over to a company which has done nothing with it but charge you, contact Timeshare Help. We pride ourselves on being the only reputable company out there who actually wants to help people who have been scammed.

It costs nothing to speak to us to find out if we are able to help you get your money back and have your timeshare contract terminated. We don’t think it is fair that people can be scammed by the timeshare industry time and again. We aim to do our part to put things right.