Complaints about timeshare

Where do you go when you have a complaint about your timeshare experience? Your resort? Your timeshare club? Most would think these places are where to go first.

But we here at Timeshare Help have heard from a shockingly large amount of people who have told us that when they approach their club for assistance over their issues, they are given no reassurance what so ever.

Unfortunately, timeshare clubs are not particularly interested in keeping their existing customers happy. Once you have signed a contract with a timeshare club, they know that you will struggle to get out of it.

This means that they know you will have to keep paying the annual maintenance contract fee so they do not have the motivation to keep you happy in order to ensure you keep paying. If you are tied into a contract that you cannot get out of, timeshare clubs have no interest in making your experience a happy one.

If you cannot book your holiday, despite trying for weeks, your timeshare club will often dismiss your complaint. This is if they don’t try to sell you an upgrade at a huge cost, promising that this will get you the time away that you want and have already paid for.

If your facilities are not what they were promised in the sales pitch, your club will often have an excuse for that and could again try to sell you an upgrade.

However, if your resort is not what was promised to you by the sales team, Timeshare Help could be able to offer you the assistance you need.

If you are unhappy with your timeshare membership and want to be released from your contract, we could be able to offer you our maintenance contract termination service for a set fee.

We may also be able to make a no win no fee claim for the money you paid on your timeshare if you paid on a UK credit card or by a finance agreement.

Timeshare Help can offer the latter service by presenting a case of misrepresentation to your credit card or finance provider. We would ask you to provide us with all the information you can to prove that your club lied to you by offering you things that would never be your experience.

If we cannot win your case, there will not be a charge. And if we are successful, we will only ask to be paid after your refund has been transferred into your account.

We negotiate directly with your club to terminate your maintenance contract and have a fantastic rate of success with this service. We charge £2,000 plus VAT to secure a termination and only ask to be paid once our lawyers have made initial contact with your timeshare club via a letter informing them that we are now acting for you.

We will communicate with your club on your behalf so you don’t have to. We have helped hundreds of clients win huge amounts of money back and terminated their maintenance contracts. Contact us to find out if we can help you.