Mis-sold timeshare costs

A mis-sold timeshare can cause untold misery in a person’s life. As well as costing well into the thousands of pounds, they will also come with costly maintenance contracts, which have to be paid regardless of whether you can afford it.

Here at Timeshare Help, we have won refunds of £28,005 and £31,400 for certain clients. This is as well as saving people up to £52,000 on maintenance contract fees and more than £27,000 on future finance repayments.

And this is only the financial cost. Many clients have told us of the huge emotional strain that dealing with timeshare can cause. A number of our clients have had relationships suffer because of the problems their timeshare has caused.

If you were convinced to purchase a timeshare which you could not afford, contact us today to find out whether we might be able to pursue a no win no fee claim for your money back. We could also terminate your maintenance contract, which we charge a set fee for.

We will only pursue claims that we think have a reasonable chance of succeeding. When you accept our services, our lawyers will take you on and take over dealings with your club and finance provider.

If you were promised that you would be able to take a holiday anywhere in the world at any time of the year but when you tried to book that time you are told that you have to pay more money to get it, you may have been mis-sold to.

If you were told that your timeshare was only being offered that day and could not be offered at that price again at any point, you may have been mis-sold to. This is just a tactic that sales teams use to convince a consumer to make a purchase right then and there.

If you were threatened at any point or made to feel like the threat of violent behaviour was imminent, you may have been mis-sold to.

If you were not told of any maintenance contract fees or promised that they would never increase, while finding out that they did, you may have been mis-sold to.

Contact us today if you have experienced any of these situations.

With our maintenance contract termination service, we will only request to be paid once our lawyers have sent a letter – approved by you – to your timeshare club. Once you have paid our previously agreed standard fee, our lawyers will officially be acting for you. You will then be under their protection, so your club can no longer threaten you with action. Our legal protection is expert.

We aim to put you at ease so during our initial conversation, we will tell you exactly how likely we are to win your maintenance contract termination case. These fees can cost up to £2,000 so are a hugely significant cost in a person’s life.

If you are struggling to afford your finance repayments or maintenance contract fees, Timeshare Help wants to hear from you. We could offer you the assistance you need to be released from your timeshare.