Value for money of timeshare

When timeshare originated, it was good value for money – it offered quality accommodation for reasonable prices. However, times have changed dramatically and timeshare owners are now losing out.

The package holiday market has established itself as the kind of competition the timeshare industry always dreaded. They are offering quality resorts at low prices, resulting in value for money which timeshares cannot beat.

Other hotels and holiday providers have caught up as timeshare resorts have either stood still or decreased in quality. When consumers are able to access the internet on their phones while commuting to work or all throughout the day in their offices, planning cheap holidays has never been easier. It is simple for them to find the cheapest deals for the level of quality they are looking for.

As well as offering decent quality holidays, there is the freedom provided when package holiday and consumers are not tied into timeshare contracts which require them to keep paying maintenance fees every year for life.

In fact, timeshare resort developers have even got on board with these types of holidays, often renting out timeshare accommodation to non-owners to make up for lost revenue. Rates for renting this accommodation varies according to the time of year, though fees for timeshare owners are the same regardless of when they are used.

If people are offered essentially the same thing on a one-off holiday as they would with a timeshare, it makes fiscal sense for consumers to avoid paying the annual fees by not buying a timeshare ownership.

Even if you ever chose not to use your timeshare, you would still be required to pay the annual fee. This clearly makes renting self-catering accommodation for your holiday far better value for money than timeshare.

The freedom that comes with not being tied into an annual contract and having to visit the same location every year is also a huge attraction to many, which they can’t put a price on.

Even if some holidays may be more expensive than a timeshare, when compared with the upfront cost of buying that ownership, the holiday will always be better value for money. The cost of a timeshare can cost well into the thousands of pounds, whilst a decent holiday will typically cost a few hundred.

Buying a timeshare on the resale market may offer more value for money but you run the risk of dealing with scam artists. The industry has become almost overrun with people looking to scam potential buyers into parting with their money and getting nothing in return.

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