Disappointing timeshare ownerships

Have you been underwhelmed with your timeshare experience? Perhaps you’ve been left disappointed or angry?

You would not be the first.

Timeshare Help has heard directly from many hundreds of people who have complained of bad service and sought our help in terminating their timeshare contracts.

When you have paid out thousands of pounds in a foreign country for a timeshare, you expect to be able to use it. You also expect that all of the terms and conditions will be explained to you at the point of sale.

Unfortunately, this is often not the case with timeshare sales.

The sales representatives are so eager to close the deal that they will leave out a lot of the most important information. This includes the fact that most timeshares come with maintenance contracts.

These contracts mean that you, the timeshare owner, will have to pay an annual fee for the supposed maintenance of your resort.

These maintenance contract fees can stretch up to £3,000 a year. But a number of Timeshare Help clients have complained that despite paying their large fees every year, their resorts are still in poor condition.

Many have said they have had problems with blocked drains, dirty swimming pools and bad smells when they get away to their timeshare clubs.

Some of our clients have also reported stomach bugs from the food they have eaten at their resorts.

If this has been your experience, call Timeshare Help today. We could be able to help you get your money back or terminate your maintenance contract.

We know that a huge number of timeshare owners are unhappy with their memberships. This is because they are often sold a specific week away and, when they try to book it, they are told that it is not available.

Here at Timeshare Help, we do not think this is a fair way to operate a business. The timeshare industry is run on unfairness and we want to correct that for as many people as we can.

So if you do indeed want to terminate your timeshare maintenance contract, give us a call.

We have huge levels of success in terminating maintenance contracts and could let you know if we think we can help you during a free no obligation phone call.