The problem with timeshare sales pitches

If you are simply walking down the board walk on your holiday, the last thing you want is to be approached by a timeshare tout, trying to convince you to attend a ‘short presentation’ in return for a gift of some sort.

Well, it should be the last thing you would want.

The problem with these touts is that they are trying to get as many people into timeshare sales pitches as possible.

And these timeshare sales pitches are not a pleasant experience.

Sales representatives have been trained to present a hard sell to most people. They are in it to emphasise all of the positive aspects of timeshare whilst downplaying all of the negatives.

And because timeshare has such a bad reputation worldwide, there are a number of negatives to downplay.

These sales teams tell you that you will save money by buying a timeshare and that you will be able to travel the world with one. You will be put under incredible pressure to sign a contract for a lifelong timeshare ownership. This pressure has been documented in various media outlets, from comedy to news.

And if you do decide to give in and sign the contract, it is actually quite rare that you will be told of the cooling off period that you are entitled to upon signing.

UK and EU citizens have been given 14 days by law to change their minds about a purchase, especially if they feel it was mis-sold to them. It is during this time when you are able to cancel your timeshare without facing any financial penalty.

However, even if you have been told of a cooling off period, it is typically well after that has ended that you realise your purchase was a bad idea.

When you try to book your holiday and you cannot access the website or the dates you want are unavailable, this is when you really start to think of cancelling your timeshare.

One of the top complaints about timeshare is that it is impossible to actually book any holidays. This is true of traditional timeshares, where buyers own a specific week at a specific resort, as well as more contemporary holiday or points clubs, in which owners use their points to buy time at various resorts across the globe.

There are just too many people trying to book holidays. Not everyone can be successful.

But to cancel your timeshare is often a difficult process. The timeshare clubs obviously do not want to have to take your ownership back.

They are, of course, more interested in earning money from your maintenance contract fees than giving you a way out.

Even if you offer to buy your contract out, spending many thousands of pounds, timeshare clubs will rarely accept this.

So it becomes a real mission to attempt to rid yourself of a timeshare that you likely never wanted in the first place.

This is why Timeshare Help started operating.

We recognise that timeshare is one of the most unfair industries on the planet. We know that timeshares are sold, not bought. People have to be convinced of the benefits of owning one.

And people cannot get out once they’re in.

So we started offering our timeshare maintenance contract service to people who wanted to cancel their timeshares. We could have you released from your maintenance contract in just a few weeks.

It does not have to be impossible to get out of your timeshare.