Timeshare owners

The problems with timeshare contracts are myriad. And they are not just experienced by people without a great deal of worldly experience.

The Timeshare Help client base is made up of people from all backgrounds, including the very well-educated and intelligent.

None of us is immune to the charms and persuasiveness of a timeshare sales rep. They are trained to never accept a no and to refuse all ‘excuses’ in the hunt for commission and kudos from colleagues.

These people are extremely difficult to resist. They can offer seemingly incredible deals on amazing holidays in exotic locations around the world.

People present at the sales pitches – potential customers, as they would be known to the sales teams – are encouraged to think about what they spend on holidays already. Then, whatever it is they may say, the sales rep will announce that buying a timeshare will reduce those costs significantly.

Who doesn’t like saving money? All you have to do is sign a timeshare contract to secure this.

But it is the very lucky few who can actually use the time that they buy.

Other people struggle to take time off work when they have arranged to be at their timeshare or afford the flights. Or perhaps their circumstances change and they are unable to use their ownerships.

But more than likely, they are unable to actually use their timeshares because they either cannot access the website to book their holidays or other people have booked that time before they could.

This is a problem when there are people with a lot more time available to book their holidays.

But it is not just retired people who buy timeshares, contrary to many people’s assumptions. A number of Timeshare Help clients are in their 30s or 40s. They have been caught whilst they were on holiday, in a relaxed state of mind and less inhibited. It is understandable that people will want to ensure they can secure the same great holidays on a regular basis.

The New York Times reported that timeshare sales crashed during the global financial crisis but that they are picking up again now. People do tend to have more disposable income to use on things like holidays these days. And apparently this is going on things like timeshares.

According to recent figures, 1 in 12 Americans owned a timeshare in 2014.

If you are one of the UK timeshare owners who has been unhappy with the product you have bought, call Timeshare Help.

We may be able to help you terminate your timeshare contract, even if your club has refused to accept this as an option. It is never out of the question for us to look at a timeshare and try to work out whether we can help you terminate the contract.

If you have been convinced by Club La Costa or Diamond Resorts or indeed a different club to plough your savings into a timeshare and been unable to benefit from it, give us a call.

We could be your best option of getting out of your timeshare contract.