The money involved in timeshare

Timeshare has become a joke around the world for very good reason. It has turned out to be one of the best ways of getting money out of people without actually having to provide much of a service.

Apart from the sorts of cowboy rogue traders operating in various areas, such as roof coating, timeshare is an almost sure fire way of getting a great deal of money out of a great deal of people.

Timeshare has offered clubs a great way of securing incomes for something that they do not have to offer. They can sign people to up to purchases of £25,000 or more, with finance agreements set to last for decades.

The problem with this is that the interest rates will mean that people are going to be paying a lot more than they were originally supposed to.

And this is why timeshare termination has become a service that people are searching for.

But there are a huge number of timeshare resale scam companies operating out there.

The amount of money that can be spent on timeshare is often out of this world. Taking into consideration annual maintenance contract fees, which are widely known to increase every year for the majority of clubs, timeshare costs can mount up to thousands of pounds a year.

With high interest repayment fees and an ever increasing maintenance contract, it is little wonder that many people have so far had to re-mortgage their homes to be able to keep up with their payments. In fact, many timeshare owners have even gone bankrupt in an attempt to make these payments.

And despite all of this money being spent, owners still pay for scam companies to sell their timeshares.

Timeshare resale scam companies are prevalent in the industry. They charge owners hundreds or thousands of pounds to simply place their timeshares on their websites under a For Sale button. But there are also thousands upon thousands of other timeshares up for sale. And these companies tend not to do any other promotion.

If a company assures you that they can introduce you to a buyer for your timeshare, be very sceptical. That is something that rarely happens. Companies cannot really secure any kind of buyer for a timeshare without buying it themselves.

And this does sometimes happen. But it is usually another timeshare resale scam when it does.

Companies that say they can buy your timeshare will often have conditions that come with it. They will usually say that in order to sell your timeshare to the company, you will be required to buy a second one from them.

And often, you will not even really sell your first one. You will be left owning 2 timeshares.

Can you afford to keep up the payments for 2 separate timeshares?

If not, speak to us. Timeshare Help could ensure that you are released from your timeshare maintenance contract. And we could do this in a matter of weeks rather than keeping you hanging on for months.

If you are interested in terminating your maintenance contract, it just takes a free phone call to begin the process. We will talk you through the whole process and make sure that you are kept aware of everything.