Timeshare intimidation

Feeling intimidated by timeshare sales teams is not uncommon. There have been many reports by Timeshare Help clients of feeling that they were unable to end the meeting or even leave the room they were in because they felt too afraid.

This can be down to various reasons. Sometimes there are a pair of large men stationed at the door to discourage you from leaving. Sometimes you are told that it would not be in your best interests to leave.

Sometimes you are even threatened by the sales teams to stop you from leaving. Thankfully, this is becoming far less common but it does still happen.

So when you say that you were essentially intimidated into signing a timeshare contract, this is not an unusual statement. Here at Timeshare Help, we have heard it all before.

We have heard how some potential timeshare buyers’ children were put into a crèche service and they were stopped from going to collect them until they signed on the dotted line.

You may think this would not be allowed by law.

The problem is that timeshare clubs do not adhere to legalities. It is not the most reputable industry in the world and have found themselves in hot water a good few times.

It is not just at the initial sales pitch when timeshare clubs are known to use intimidation.

Even timeshare owners have not been safe from the sales teams.

People have reported actually being away using their timeshares and being approached by aggressive sales representatives, wanting to sell either upgrades or new timeshares. They have said that it has made them not want to actually go out and enjoy themselves for fear of being bombarded by sales teams.

If you have struggled with any of this, perhaps Timeshare Help could offer you some assistance.

If you felt that you were forced into buying your ownership, timeshare termination may be something we could offer you.

We specialise in terminating timeshare maintenance contracts so if you are paying an ever increasing amount on yours, call us today. It may be possible for us to have your maintenance contract terminated within a few weeks, rather than months. This can even happen if your timeshare club is based abroad.

We realise that if you simply stop paying your maintenance contract, your club may resort to its original intimidation tactics to force you to pay up. This can include taking on the services of UK debt collection agencies.

And we all know that debt collectors have a reputation of using intimidation to get people to pay up. If you do not want to have to deal with these people and companies, call Timeshare Help. If you are ever threatened by a debt collection agency, we can take over the communications with them.

Timeshare termination can also take the form of a no win no fee timeshare claim on your behalf. If your timeshare was purchased within the last 6 years, it may be possible for us to pursue a timeshare claim for you.

We know exactly how intimidating the timeshare industry can be so we are perfectly placed to help you with timeshare termination.

It is free to speak with us so why not give us a call to simply discuss your options? There is nothing to lose but perhaps your freedom to gain.