Help to cancel a timeshare

Timeshare became popular in the UK during the 1980s, with huge numbers of people taking up the opportunity to own specific weeks at holiday apartments around the world.

Spain and Portugal were particularly popular destinations, with the Canary Islands featuring prominently.

When these people decided to go ahead with their purchases, it seemed like a wonderful idea. They would be able to get away for guaranteed holidays at beautiful resorts every year. What could be better?

These buyers rarely thought that they would end up wishing for timeshare cancellation. This is not something that they would have initially have even been considering.

In the beginning, timeshare clubs did very well. They managed to convince people that normal holidays were simply not good value and that they would get much better value for money with a timeshare.

Something that people did not really consider during the sales pitch for their timeshare ownership was the fact that perpetuity – included on most timeshare contracts written – would keep them tied into these agreements forever.

They would have been told that they could have their holidays set forever. They would have also been told that their children would have guaranteed holidays too.

But this is unfortunately not exactly how it works out.

When you sign a timeshare contract, you will then more than likely be signing a contract to say that you will pay an annual maintenance fee.

This is intended to cover the costs of maintaining the property. Things like cleaning, gardening and any necessary repairs fall into this category.

But this fee is also one of the main reasons that owners are seeking timeshare cancellation.

Maintenance contract fees are known to increase annually. If you are already paying more than £800 a year for your timeshare, you will naturally not want to pay any further increases.

Perhaps a more worrying aspect of maintenance contracts, however, is the fact that they will pass down to your children or other heirs upon your death. These contracts will continue to be passed down to their children and their children after them.

Do you want to be responsible for your children having to pay this annual fee? Can you imagine how much it would cost them in 30 or 40 years? Would you like to find a way to ensure that they do not have to pay this fee?

If you do, then timeshare cancellation is what we at Timeshare Help recommend that you pursue.

When people are on holiday, their defences are down. They are more relaxed and open to suggestions. In many cases, they want to extend the holiday and stay in that resort again. They often want to return there every year.

They are far more likely to agree to signing a timeshare contract then, especially when they have been in a high-pressure sales pitch.

This is how most timeshare clubs managed to sell so many memberships.

The team at Timeshare Help does not think that this is a fair way of selling something. If you are not thinking as you would normally, your decision-making will not be at its clearest.

But you do not have to stay locked into this contract. Timeshare cancellation is within your reach.

Timeshare Help could have your maintenance contract cancelled within a few weeks, ensuring that you never have to pay another of these fees ever again.

Just give us a call on 0800 644 0103 to talk through your options for free.