Timeshare scam artists jailed

A group of timeshare scam artists has been jailed for a total of 32 years.

The gang were sentenced after being found guilty of various fraudulent crimes which involved scamming up to 38 people – typically elderly – out of £1 million.

Emma Jelf, Luke Jiminez, Todd Mann, Toby Mann, Richard Buxton, Mandy Castellain, David Baylie, Amarjit Bagharian, Shivjit Bagharian and Neil Poole were part of a timeshare scam which ran from February 2011 to April 2013.

Quoted by the Birmingham Mail, Judge Roderick Henderson said: “The majority of advance fee frauds exploit the greed of the victims but in this case the victims already owned their timeshares and simply wanted to sell them on at a reasonable price.”

He added: “It involved the skillful and deliberate manipulation of vulnerable people. It is difficult to understate the cynicism and ruthlessness of this operation.”

One victim paid out £250,000, while another handed over his life savings to the scam.

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