Cancelling timeshares

Here at Timeshare Help, we have helped hundreds of people with timeshare cancellation. It has become a service that can provide a lifeline to many, with huge numbers of people around the world being caught up in the timeshare scam.

Just the word ‘timeshare’ conjures images in the mind of dodgy dealers in T-shirts patrolling the beaches of Tenerife, ready to suck you in for a lifetime of payments.

And it often is a lifetime of payments. With perpetuity being included on most timeshare contracts, buyers are usually tied into paying maintenance contract fees for the entirety of their lives.

And when this life term is eventually over, the timeshare maintenance contract then passes on to the buyer’s children, then their children after them and so on.

The contract always has to be paid. And the sales representatives responsible for selling the timeshare would have framed it in such a way that it would have sounded like your children would always be able to get away on holiday after you pass on.

This sounds like a wonderful idea to many. People are led to believe that they will be leaving a fantastic gift for their children, providing them with holidays to remember forever.

But what this actually means is that your children are going to have to pay your debt forever.

And if they were left your timeshare, there are very few ways of them being able to cancel it.

Timeshare cancellation is something that you are responsible for, as the buyer and owner.

If you want to do the right thing and not leave your children responsible for this annual fee, Timeshare Help could be exactly the people you need to contact.

Maintenance contract fees are typically known to increase every year. There have been reports of people signing up to a timeshare a few years ago with maintenance contract fees of around £200 but who now have to pay more than £2,000.

Although this may be an extreme example, we do know that most maintenance contract fees do increase every year. It is typical for these fees to cost owners between £400-£800. And they have to be paid every year even if you are unable to use your time away.

If you are struggling to pay this fee every year along with any potential finance repayments, timeshare cancellation will doubtless not be very far from your mind. This will be particularly true if your situation has changed.

If you were to lose your job or have to pay medical expenses for an unexpected illness or perhaps have to buy a new car, you might be unable to pay the fees due for this year. But your timeshare club will not be sympathetic to your problem.

If you attempt to negotiate with them about cancelling your timeshare, you will likely be met with a firm refusal. And this will not be negotiable.

Despite the circumstances you may find yourself in, timeshare cancellation will not be something the club will accept.

But this is where Timeshare Help could step in. We may be able to cancel your maintenance contract. You would never have to pay another annual maintenance fee again.

We have extensive experience dealing with timeshare clubs and could offer you the best knowledge of the industry.

It will cost you nothing to speak to us and we could fully explain the process and how we would go about timeshare cancellation.