Timeshare factors worth considering

When you buy a timeshare, there is a seemingly endless list of things to think about. They include things like how you are going to finance the purchase, whether you are going to have to pay annual maintenance contract fees or if you will be able to afford the flights to your chosen resort every year.

The Timeshare Help team knows that, unsurprisingly, most of your thoughts will likely be about finances.

Timeshare is a particularly expensive adventure. And many people do not get the sort of return on this expense that they may wish. In fact, a huge amount of people are not even able to use their timeshares.

This happens when the owner is unable to access the website used for booking their time away. Or when they are able to access the site, they find that all of the apartments are booked for the time that they can get away.

If they try to call the resort or club to work out what has happened and see if they can get their holiday booked, they are often ‘treated’ to another hard sell. This time, they will be sold an upgrade to their purchase.

The timeshare club will claim that they can upgrade the owner’s account and they will then be guaranteed their holidays. And this is why Timeshare Help sees so many clients who have been unhappy with their timeshares yet they have still upgraded their ownerships.

And when this happens, we have seen that there is typically a great deal of regret involved.

When you buy a timeshare, you should be thinking about whether you will be able to afford to keep up the payments. We have seen many people who simply cannot afford to pay back what they owe on their finance agreements.

Maintenance contracts are another thing that must be taken into consideration when thinking about purchasing a timeshare.

Typically, maintenance contracts are written in perpetuity. This means that they will extend for the rest of the timeshare owner’s life. And it does not end there. Contracts in perpetuity will pass on to the owner’s children and then theirs after them.

In addition, they tend to go up annually. If you agreed to pay a yearly fee of £200 a few years ago but are now expected to pay more than £500, this could present a big problem to you and your finances.

Timeshare contract cancellation is a factor that many people will not think about when they initially agree to go ahead with a purchase. But it should be.

Timeshare Help has dealt with hundreds of people who have regretted buying a timeshare. We have made it our business to help them with timeshare contract cancellation.

And if you think that you need this service, we are happy to find out if we can help you too.

We may be able to make a no win no fee timeshare claim for your money back, if your purchase was made in the last 6 years on a UK credit card. Alternatively – or in addition – we offer timeshare maintenance contract cancellation.

This could leave you free of your lifetime maintenance contract, meaning that you will never have to pay another fee to your club again. And neither will your children.

So if you think that timeshare contract cancellation is something you want to proceed with, give us a call on 0800 644 0103.