Why you may need Timeshare Help

The Timeshare Help team has helped hundreds of clients get out of their lifetime maintenance contracts.

This is because, even despite court rulings instructing them that they must, timeshare clubs do not want to release anyone from these binding contracts.

When you buy a timeshare, it may not enter your thoughts that you will not be able to get out of this contract. And even though it is easy for us to say, particularly when hindsight is so clear, we have to advise people that they must consider these things.

Timeshare clubs have up to now refused to acknowledge these rulings, keeping people tied into their contracts forever.

The clubs have very expensive and experienced legal teams who have claimed that the rulings do not apply to their clients for various reasons. A common reason is that these rulings were made after the club and timeshare owners entered into lifetime maintenance contracts.

So even though foreign courts have ruled that these lifetime maintenance contracts are not legal, timeshare clubs are still enforcing them. And when they do enforce these contracts, they will often get UK-based debt collection agencies involved.

If you have had a timeshare in a country such as Spain, this would be relevant to you. Spanish courts have ruled contracts in perpetuity – contracts lasting forever – illegal. But Spanish timeshare clubs have refused to adhere to this.

So even though there should be legal protection available to people, the timeshare clubs are choosing to ignore it. And this is why timeshare owners need expert professional help to get out of their lifetime maintenance contracts.

Specialist teams like the one here at Timeshare Help could offer you the best chance of getting out of your timeshare. We have long been dealing with timeshare clubs. There are very few tricks that they could pull out that we have not seen before.

Timeshare Help has been able to help hundreds of people get out of their timeshare maintenance contracts and we may be able to help you do the same. We could also help you make a no win no fee timeshare claim if your membership was purchased in the last 6 years and you paid for it on your UK credit card.

We understand that there is no one kind of person who can be scammed into signing up for a timeshare. It could happen to anyone.

If you are on holiday, your inhibitions are lower since you are more relaxed. This could lead to you being more easily convinced that it is a good idea.

We have spoken to people from all walks of life who have found themselves tied into contracts lasting a lifetime. Some are retired, some have just left college or university. There is no typical timeshare owner, despite many thinking that it is just retired people who have got involved in the industry.

And this knowledge helps us help you. Knowing that we are dealing with a wide variety of people allows us to tailor our services for the specific person we are helping.

We know that lifetime maintenance contracts are one of the worst financial binds that you can find yourself in. This is, of course, largely down to the fact that you will be expected to pay it forever, with your children taking on the burden after your death.

However, it is also partly down to the fact that these fees tend to increase every year. They have been known to go up by 100 pounds in one year. If you cannot afford to keep paying these fees, you will be one of many. And this is why Timeshare Help exists.

If you were to try to convince your club or resort that you cannot pay the annual fees and that you wanted to get out of your timeshare, we know that unfortunately this will not get you anywhere. Timeshare clubs want you to keep paying. So they will insist that they cannot accommodate you when you want to get out of your timeshare. Timeshare termination is not achievable from the clubs.

So if you keep banging your head against the wall, give us a call on 0800 644 0103. We may be able to help you out of the timeshare nightmare you have found yourself unable to wake up from.

We know that the expense of a lifetime maintenance contract can be a drain on your finances. And when this happens, there could be a follow on problem of relationship struggles.

We have known of a number of people who have reported that they have suffered marriage break downs and other relationships ending. This may not be something that you think about when you first sign up for your timeshare but perhaps it should be.

Is a timeshare worth your happiness?

We would have to say no, based on the upset they have caused many of our clients.

And if you know that you do not want to continue paying this lifetime maintenance contract, then we think you should start thinking about timeshare termination. And you could do this by picking up the phone and calling us or by leaving your details on this website.