Active timeshare scams

BBC Radio 5 Live has stated that in 2015, there were “348 active timeshare scam companies” in operation. This means that there a lot of people out there at risk of being scammed.

This is particularly true of people who already own a timeshare.

If you are looking to sell your timeshare, for whatever reason, you are at great risk of being scammed by timeshare resale companies.

These organisations will claim that they can sell your timeshare for you as long as you put up a fee before the process begins. They will say that this fee will cover the costs of marketing your timeshare.

But when you pay the fee, you will most likely not hear anything else from the company.

If you get fed up with not hearing anything, you may then call the company. But you will either not get a response or you will be told that you only paid to have your timeshare hosted on their website.

And when there are thousands upon thousands of unhappy timeshare owners all wanting to sell their ownerships, it would take something special for a potential buyer to spot yours in amongst them all.

And that is if these potential buyers are looking on the right websites.

There are so many timeshare resale websites on the internet, why might a buyer end up on the one selling yours?

There are so many negatives associated with the idea of timeshare resale websites, it becomes quite a risk to get involved.

But when you are desperate to get rid of your timeshare, what other options are there?

Timeshare Help can tell you: ourselves. We are experts in timeshare termination and could have you released from your timeshare ownership and your lifetime maintenance contract in a few weeks.

There are ways out of this binding contract that do not involve paying out more upfront cash for a scam. Timeshare Help could offer you our timeshare maintenance contract termination service as well as potentially making a no win no fee timeshare claim for the money you spent on your ownership.

We know that timeshare ownerships can be a money drain and that you could end up unable to afford the fees associated with them. So if a company calls you claiming that you can get rid of your timeshare, it is understandable that you might jump at the chance.

But there are so many other people who have jumped at the same chance. So you end up being one very small fish in a very large pond.

Timeshare Help can help explain all the issues surrounding timeshare ownership. We can help establish whether you should pursue our timeshare termination services and whether it is a better option for your current situation.

Speaking to us costs nothing so there is no reason for you to not pick up the phone and dial 0800 644 0103. We aim to reassure you and take away the stress of the timeshare scam situation you may have found yourself in.