Timeshare contract termination

Timeshare sales pitches are widely acknowledged to be amongst the most high pressure hard sells in existence.

These sales pitches rely on frustrating people so much that they capitulate and sign the timeshare contract. And they work well.

People are often so eager to leave the sales pitch that they will agree to the first ‘deal’ that sounds reasonable. And this is because of the various tricks that timeshare sales representatives play.

If you have sat in on a timeshare sales pitch, you will know that they can be physically uncomfortable and emotionally draining. And because you are reading this article, the chances are that those ploys wore you down enough to sign a timeshare contract.

It is understandable. These sales pitches are designed with the human psychology in mind.

Timeshare clubs will often specifically set out to influence people before even getting them into the sales pitch. This can happen during a tour of a timeshare resort they are trying to sell, where they will point out the best features and imply that owners get special treatment.

When it comes time for the actual sales pitch, you will already be thinking positively of the resort. And it then becomes easier for the sales rep to persuade you.

When you do enter the sales pitch, there are often glossy brochures in abundance, showcasing the resort in beautiful photographs. There may be promotional videos playing, showing families having a wonderful time using their timeshare.

But you will be lucky if these are the only techniques that the timeshare club has resorted to using. Timeshare sales reps can often get aggressive or overly pushy. They may use threatening language or behaviour, intimidating you into signing up. They can often try to embarrass you, by crying out loudly that you must be able to afford this measly sum.

There may be a couple of large, muscular men posted in front of the door, arms crossed and angry faces on. These fellows will be strategically placed in order to persuade you and others not to leave. There have been occasions when these ‘guards’ actually refuse to let people leave.

It has long been said that timeshare is not bought, it is sold. This is because people do not tend to search out information on buying one. It will rarely be the consumer’s idea to buy the timeshare. It is far more likely to be a sales rep who approaches the consumer when they are in a relaxed state.

Timeshare contracts are unfair. They are unfair from the very beginning of the process. And they stay unfair, with most of them carrying on in perpetuity.

This is why Timeshare Help has devised its timeshare cancellation service. We could help you get out of your timeshare contract in a few weeks.

No more timeshare means no more maintenance contract. No more fees which will have to be paid forever. And your children will never have to suffer the burden of an annual fee which they have to pay even though they did not purchase the timeshare.

It is free to speak with us about your situation and we could help explain the timeshare cancellation process. You will be under no pressure and we can leave you to consider your options before proceeding with any action.

Timeshare cancellation is within your reach.