Maintenance Contract Termination Service

To be clear there is never a fee to be paid until your contract is terminated

Here at Timeshare Help, we have huge experience in dealing with the complex world of timeshare/holiday club maintenance contracts.

These contracts are very unfair and always added to the end of the sales process when you purchase a membership. In most cases we are told the same two stories from our clients:

"The salesman told us that the maintenance contract was an asset in that providing we keep up the yearly payments then we can pass the membership onto our children when we pass away and the membership will have increased in value by then. This sounded good at the time. We now realise that we cannot use the membership properly and we would in effect be leaving our children a yearly debt for something that they could not use either. This is very worrying and something we would not wish to leave behind."


"The salesman never mentioned a maintenance contract and they certainly never mentioned that it was for life and that it would pass onto my children, effectively meaning I am leaving them a debt when I pass away. If this had been explained to me during the sales process then I would never have bought this membership."

Here at Timeshare Help, we can help you terminate these unfair contracts using our UK-based fully insured and regulated lawyers. Contact us immediately if any of the statements below apply to you:

  • Nobody mentioned the maintenance contract
  • Nobody told me that the costs would increase every year
  • Nobody advised me that it would pass to my children in perpetuity
  • Nobody advised me that this contract was for life
  • The salesman said we could cancel this contract any time
  • The salesman said I could use my membership any time
  • The salesman said my membership – ownership would increase in value
  • The salesman said I could sell my membership to anyone

These are just a few of the regular complaints our clients advise have happened to them. If you have a similar story or indeed a different story then we are here to help. Timeshare termination is our goal.

We have helped many clients terminate their unfair maintenance contracts, saving them on average £1,200 per year over 30 years. £36,000 is a huge amount of money to pay for something that you cannot use due to many factors beyond your control.

To be clear there is never a fee to be paid until your contract is terminated

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