Timeshare Claims

Timeshare Claims

It has been said that a timeshare is not bought, it is sold. People don’t always look into buying one, some are pressured into buying during a lengthy sales presentation, often these presentations use unethical and illegal sales tactics to get people to purchase a Timeshare.

If this sounds familiar, chances are your timeshare contract has been mis sold to you, however there are also more warning signs that you have been mis sold.

Below there are a few more signs that you may have been mis-sold your contract:

  • High-pressure sales tactics
  • Long sales presentations
  • One day only offer
  • Promises of cheap flights
  • Paying the deposit on the day
  • Describing the timeshare as an “Investment”
  • Unlimited holidays at a resort any time of year
  • Never informed of the 14 day cooling off period

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