Incentive Leisure Group UK Plead Guilty For Timeshare Scam

June 20, 2018 Off By Emily

Incentive Leisure Group UK Plead Guilty For Timeshare Scam

The holiday club marketing firm, Incentive Leisure Group have pleaded guilty at Reading Magistrates Court, to 11 counts of fraud for scamming consumers by promising them to resell their timeshares and get their money back. The company and its directors, Garry Leigh and Keith Barker, were fined £28,000 and ordered to pay £26,000 in costs.


The scam came to the attention of West Berkshire Trading Standards after receiving a number of complaints by consumers who said to have paid £8,000 to £12,000 for a membership of Incentive Leisure Group’s partner, Designer Way Vacation Club, a Spanish registered company. Consumers were told that if they purchased a ‘Holiday Club Membership’ via Designer Way Vacation Club, Incentive Leisure Group would take over ownership of their existing timeshare and would receive most of their money back through a cash-back scheme. The company suggested that this would take away their liability of any further maintenance fees and that in the event of death, the consumer’s children wouldn’t inherit the same liability.


The promise of finding a buyer for their timeshare, the free two-day mini-break was used to persuade people to Incentive Leisure Group’s Berkshire office for a 90-minute presentation. Instead, people found themselves in a 5-hour sales pitch.


A witness in court, Nancy Hodge, stated she agreed to pay £8,000 to join Designer Way Vacation Club if her timeshare was taken off her hands, so she wouldn’t have the burden of passing the costs down to her children. However, this never occurred.


Another witness in court, Marchiena Van Der Lann, explained how she was sold a Designer Way Vacation Club membership for £6,000 after being told she would expect cash-back of 50% to 70% of £16,000 – the full price of her timeshare.


Incentive Leisure Group and Designer Way Vacation Club were not governed by the European Timeshare Directive and failed to offer consumer protections, such as cooling-off periods.


During their trial at Reading Magistrates Court, they were accused of 36 counts of fraud but 25 were dropped. Both companies deny fraudulently telling consumers they were ATOL and ABTA protected and approved by the Office of Fair Trading.


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