EZE Group Europe Limited Found Guilty of Scamming Consumers

EZE Group Europe Limited Found Guilty of Scamming Consumers


Timeshare company EZE Group Europe Limited and its director, Dominic O’Reilly have been found guilty of engaging in aggressive commercial practices. The company used high-pressure sales tactics and took consumers to a remote location making them feel trapped.

Timeshare companies usually approach consumers whilst they are on holiday and are often told they can win a prize if they attend a short presentation, which is a timeshare sales pitch.

EZE Group Europe Limited made consumers feel threatened by preventing them from leaving unless they signed a timeshare contract. This meant that against their will, they signed up for a product which they would not have otherwise purchased and with little information explained to them.

The case appeared at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court on 17th November 2017, Dominic O’Reilly pleaded guilty to offences under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulation 2008. These are namely the sale of Concierge Lifestyle Packages.



Due to the scale of the offences, the case was then sent to Birmingham Crown Court on 11th January 2018 for sentencing. Dominic O’Reilly pleaded guilty on 2 counts for the breach of professional diligence, engaging in unfair trading practices and engaging in aggressive commercial practices; he pleaded not guilty to the other 37 charges.

The case had to be postponed due to Dominic O’Reilly‘s daughter, Stephanie O’Reilly’s very late application for Legal Aid, meaning she could not enter a plea because it was still pending. The Judge, Mr Wall QC, stated that the EZE Group Europe Limited directors had wasted court time and ordered that the matters against Dominic O’Reilly, Stephanie O’Reilly and EZE Group Europe Limited should now be combined going forward. They were told to confirm pleas by 20th January 2018 and further attend Birmingham Crown Court on 22nd January 2018.

The directors have distanced themselves from the UK operation because of being pursued in the criminal courts. However, EZE Group Europe Limited continue to scam consumers, without showing any sign of remorse. They still trade from its offshore bases in Tenerife and Barcelona by sending out emails to their customers.

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